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World Health Research & Development Organisation
Registered organisation under the Government of India society registration act 1957
It is the government's duty that everybody should get health services at minimal price.
- Shree Narendra Modi in Ministery of Ayush
Silver and gold pieces, the actual health is wealth. Individual effort of a diseased person could be expected to be the best he could never borrow from others health.
- Mahatama Gandhi

Making People Skilled & Capable

Providing employment in Medical Industry

Making Humans Independent

Grand live online Gandhi Jayanti National Yogasana championship - 2020

About Us

WHRDO is india based world wide organisation motivated towards serving each and every nation as to heal mentally and physically with the help of nature. We provide training and treatments in healing arts such as Acupressure, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and many other ancient other therapies.  We aim to heal the patient as whole as illness signifies a disruption of physical and mental wellbeing. These Treatments attempt to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing and self-regulating abilities. Well-being is when the body work in harmony: energy and enthusiasm abundant; the body functions efficiently, the mind is alert, ability to deal with most of life’s challenges. It is possible to heal most of the problems mental and physical by making some lifestyle adjustments which will restore and enhance wellbeing and therapies which can help us treat and relax. It is possible with some advice on nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, emotions and distressing tequenichs to help you protect and reinforce your own well-being.
We are here to help you take care of your health and your well-being. 

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to Help people attach with the Nature, and to help them find ways by which they can heal themselves with the help of various gifts given to us by Mother Nature. We aim to teach others heal themselves and others with help of various techniques and therapies and use them the right way for the benefits of the mind and body as well as spiritual awakening. We aim to promote the complementary medicine and therapies which are better ways to heal without damaging or causing internal or external harm to our mind or body. 


Our vision is to provide a Yoga and Naturopathy Therapist in each state, each district and each home by Training them to heal themselves and others. To promote the ancient techniques used by our ancestors to heal themselves. We dream of a nation that does not depend on any external medical support. A place where each citizen is physically, mentally, psychologically healthy and spiritually awaken so that we can together help and contribute to the mankind and make this Nation and this world a better place. 


C.N.Y.T. (Formerly Upcharak)
1 Year Course

3+1 Year Course

3+1 Year Course

3+1 Year Course

Two and a half Year Course

Registered organisation under the Government of India society registration act 1957
Reg. No. : COOP/2018/100360


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